Artistic itinerary

Soumis par jean quemere le mer 19/09/2018 - 18:39

My artistic itinerary started in 1985 by meeting Lionel Ouine, a painter from Elbeuf (Normandy, France) exhibiting on a regular base in Galerie Gerard Boudin (Rouen, Normandy). I regularly followed his outings on painting from life with his group twice a week. In 1987, I became the Vice President of his association "Green and Yellow Painters" that has been renamed  "The Free Painters" since, with Lionel Ouine as the President. Then, I took evening courses on Fridays and morning courses on Saturdays at the "Palette Cantilienne" with Emmanuel Lemardelé for more than three years. I also applied for evening courses at the Fine Arts ("Les Beaux Arts") in Rouen , studying nude sketches with Christian Sauvé for three years. I have started to organise some personal exhibitions as soon as 1987 at the Salt Loft ("Le Grenier à Sel") in La Bouille (Normandy) and at the exhibition hall in Arpajon (Paris area).

From 1990 to 1994, I exhibited in the "Galerie du Comptoir Rouennais" (Rouen), and since 1995 I have become a permanent painter at the "Galerie Gerard Boudin" (Rouen). Since 1988, I have been organising annual exhibitions. I am painting almost daily and always from life. My preference goes to landscape, street and market scenery and marine painting.